Fees for Services

Effective September 27, 2019

Account Activity Print-out: $3 per page
Account Balancing Assistance /
Reconciliation: $25 per hour (min. 1 hr)
ACH/BluePay Returned Unpaid: $33 per occurrence
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee: $1 non-Enbright ATM
ATM Withdrawal – non-Enbright Card: $3
Bill Payment Service: $5.95/mn. unless
at least 6 bills are paid
Credit Union Check – Non-Member: $25 per draft
Cashier’s Checks / Credit Union Checks: $5 per item
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal: $10 over
1 per calendar year after 1st free withdrawal
Copy of ATM/Debit Card Sales Draft Receipt:
$5 each plus Research Fee
Copy of Draft (If not on Virtual Branch, waive 1st copy;
all sub-copies): $5 per item
Credit Card payment by Phone (Blue-Pay): $9.99
Dormant Account Fee: $15 annually after
12 months no activity
Dormant Account Low Balance Fee:
$5 per month, balance below $25
Early IRA Closure Fee: $25
Early Membership Closure Fee: $25
if closed in first 90 days
Excessive Share Withdrawal Fee (Reg E):
$5 each after 7 free
ID Theft Security Fee: $0.99/month
(optional service)

Insufficient Funds: $33 per item
IRA Transfer: $25 transfer funds out
Late Fees – Loan – over 10 days late:
5% of payment
Levy or Garnishment Fee: $25
Membership Fee – New Account: $1
Money Market Excessive Withdrawal Fee: 9 per month
Money Market Low Balance Fee: $10
Money Orders: $5 per item
Overdraft Privilege: $33 per item
Paper Statement Fee: $1 monthly
Replace Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card: $10
Replace PIN for ATM/Debit: $10
Return Mail Fee / Incorrect Address: $5 per month
Returned Check: $33 per item
Secured Loan Processing Fee: $25
Skip-A-Payment: $25 per loan during
promotion periods
Statement Copy: $5 per statement
Stop Payment – Bill Pay Item: $35 per item
Stop Payment – Draft or ACH: $33 per item
Stop Payment – Enbright Cashier’s Check:
$33 per item
Temporary Checks: $1 per page
Unsecured Loan Processing Fee: $5
Visa Gift Cards: $3.99
Visa Travel Cards: $4.99
Wire Transfer – Incoming: $10
Wire Transfer – Outgoing – Domestic: 15