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Enbright One Checking

Get $100 in overdraft coverage when you open an Enbright One Checking Account today!

Checking with $100 in Overdraft Coverage

Once your direct deposit has been confirmed, you will be allocated $100 in overdraft coverage to be used at your discretion. If funds are not available in your account to pay a charge, Enbright CU will first attempt to clear the charge by using any overdraft protection options established by the account holder(s), including automatic transfers from your savings.

It's free to use Overdraft Coverage

With Enbright One Checking, your items will be paid up to $100 (taking your account negative, up to $100) and not returned to the merchant. Any item/transaction that takes your account over the $100 overdraft coverage amount will be assessed a Non-Sufficient Funds return fee. NSF item over $100 will be assessed a return fee. You will be notified if a transaction is declined.

Pay your overdraft back in 15 days or less

Direct Deposits (a requirement of this account) will first go to cover any overdraft and the remainder will be deposited to your account.  If you deposit funds more frequently than your direct deposit, those funds will first go to any overdraft amounts to re-set your overdraft to $100 and then credited to your Enbright One Checking account.


What is Enbright One Checking, and do I have to enroll?

With Enbright One Checking we won’t charge an overdraft fee if you’re overdrawn by $100 or less for fewer than 16 days. We will cover the item(s) causing overdraft for 15 days.
To register for Enbright One Checking you must have a minimum of bimonthly or biweekly deposits and be signed up for electronic statements. Contact Enbright to change your current Free Checking Account to an Enbright One Account. 

If I overdraw my Enbright One Checking account, how long do I have to avoid being charged an Overdraft Fee?

If your account balance at the end of the business day is overdrawn by $100 or less, then you need to make a deposit or transfer to avoid an Overdraft Fee on the transactions that overdrew your account. You will have 15 days to make deposit or transfer that brings your account balance up above zero.

What are my options for making deposits or transfers?

You can deposit or transfer funds via:
Enbright Credit Union location, before it closes: cash deposit, check deposit or transfers from another Enbright account
• Enbright CU ATM deposits at our Hendersonville location
• Virtual Branch via enbrightcu.com/login for transfers
• Enbright CU Mobile App for mobile check deposits. Cannot guarantee same day credit on mobile deposits.
For check deposits, this assumes Enbright CU does not place a hold and the check is not returned.

What happens if I cannot make a deposit or transfer to make my account balance positive before the end of the 15 days?

If your account balance remains overdrawn for more than 15 days, you may be charged overdraft fees on the 16th day on the previous transactions that overdrew your account. See Schedule of Fees.

Your account will be converted to a Free Basic Checking Account if your account balance remains negative for 16 days. 

Still Have Questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime

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