Enbright FAQs

by | Dec 14, 2017

Q: Why did the credit union decide to change its name?
A:  With the growth of our Nashville Electric Service membership and the growth of the Middle Tennessee area we serve, a new look and name will represent all we can do for current and future members.
Q: How did you choose the name Enbright?
A: We wanted a name that reflects our energy for helping others while maintaining a connection to those who founded and still support the credit union, Nashville Electric Service. The Enbright name retains a philosophical connection to the credit union’s history – illumination – and carries a promise of a bright future for all members.
Q: Will my account numbers change?
A: Your account number will stay the same.
Q: What about my checks and debit and credit cards?
A: Those will continue to work. Checks and cards will be replaced when it’s time to reorder or when your cards expire.
Q: Do I need to change anything with my Direct Deposit?
A: No changes are necessary. Our Routing Number did not change.
Q: Do I need to download a new mobile app?
A: No need to download a new app. Just make sure to update your app when prompted by your device.
Q: Will my log in information and passwords change?
A: All information that you use to access your accounts through online banking and mobile deposit will remain the same.
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