Enbright Credit Union is not an SBA paycheck protection lender.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Enbright is a community-chartered credit union headquartered in Nashville TN with offices in Nashville and Hendersonville. Formerly Electric Service Credit Union, Enbright focuses on lending and convenience services such as online banking, mobile banking, and electronic bill-paying. Because Enbright is owned by its members, rates are good, fees are few, and the service is outstanding. Stop by one of our locations and find out how easy it is to manage your money with Enbright.

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What is great service?

Just about every company will say they have great service. But when it comes to your money, what does “service” mean? At Enbright, we know that your money is your life – your work, your home, your kids, your recreation, your retirement – those all take money. For the good times and the challenging times, every employee at Enbright has your best interest at heart, because they are members just like you.

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Here’s How I Spell “Awesome”
I’m so grateful for all you did on a Friday afternoon to make my son’s college fund happen. And, staying after hours until you got it done deserves more than just a thank-you. Please forward this email to your CEO….I want him to know how much I appreciate your service.

Lynn Keesecker

Member, Enbright Credit Union

I’m a Member for Life

Claudia Lizardi has been a credit union member at Enbright for four years.  She had always been happy with her credit union’s service, but when she stopped by the credit union in Donelson on a Saturday and met Laura Medico, she really felt like she belonged. 

“Laura just made us feel incredibly welcome.” Said Claudia.  “She was friendly and professional, but also just so very kind.” The Lizardis had stopped by the credit union to talk to someone about an auto loan. While talking to Laura, Claudia mentioned had used the credit union for her own accounts, but her children had accounts at a large bank, and she wasn’t happy with what they were earning.  Laura helped Claudia get the accounts moved to Enbright, where they’re very happy with their new dividends, and can continue building their savings for the future.

Claudia, who works in the customer service field herself, said that good service like Laura delivered comes from the soul.  “Laura made us feel welcome; like we had already known her. I’ll be a member for life.”


Claudia Lizardi

Member, Enbright Credit Union