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Maximize Your Savings with Enbright

Saving Money at Enbright

Primary Savings
At Enbright Credit Union, All members are required to have a Primary Savings account.

Open a basic savings account, for only $25 plus a one-time $1 membership fee.

$25 minimum balance keeps the member in good standing.


Additional Savings Options at Enbright

Share Certificate CD

A Share Certificate CD is a savings account that generally offers higher dividends when the funds are left on deposit at the Enbright for a term such as 6 months or 12 months. Deposits and withdrawals are not allowed on the account until after maturity, when the certificate can be modified, renewed or cashed out. There is a minimum balance of $1,000 for all ESCU certificates.

Money Market Accounts

The Enbright Money Market Account is a savings account that offers higher dividends than a basic savings for those with balances of $2,500 or more. Up to three withdrawals can be made from this account each month without penalty.

Individual Retirement Account

The Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a savings account to help people save for retirement on their own, even if they already have a traditional pension or 401k. Enbright offers Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAS. Please note that deposits to an IRA may qualify as deductible income; consult your tax advisor for details to determine if this applies to you. The minimum balance for an IRA at Enbright is $100. Members may invest IRA funds into IRA Share Certificates to earn higher dividend rates.

Children’s Savings Accounts

Enbright offers Primary Savings accounts for members of the credit union ages 12 and younger. Children are encouraged to save regularly and receive small gifts when they make deposits at Enbright locations.

Special Share Savings

Members can open additional basic savings accounts to set aside money for vacations, college, or other planned expenses.

Savings For When You Need It

Saving money for vacations, college, or other planned expenses? Enbright’s Special Share Savings is a dedicated account for keeping you organized and on track when you’re saving for that special trip or gift! Ask a local ECU Branch about opening a Special Share Savings Today! 

Fees for Services

Do You Know Your Retirement Saving Options? 

Take your future into your own hands! 

Enbright’s Individual Retirement Account (IRA’s) help you plan for a comfortable retirement! Enbright offers both traditional and ROTH IRAs to meet your needs.

Additionally, deposits to an IRA may qualify as deductible income; consult your tax advisor for details to determine if this applies to you. 

Rates - IRA Shares (Traditional, Education and Roth)

IRA Certificates
Term |
24 months | 0.35%  | 0.35% APY
36 months | 0.45%  | 0.45% APY

IRA Shares (Traditional, Education and Roth) | Interest Rate  | APY
[Term] |  .09%  |  .09%

What is the difference between Traditional & ROTH?

About Us

Ask About Our Christmas Club

Save for holiday expenses with a minimum balance of just a penny. Funds saved during the year are automatically transferred to the member’s Primary Savings account November 1 yearly. There is a small fee for early withdrawal. 









A Word From Enbright Members

Share Your Enbright Experience

“The young lady you have up front is always so nice and helpful to me.  You all are going to keep her around for a while, right?  She is always so helpful.”

“…I like when he helps me. He is always so polite and helpful when I come through the drive thru. I really like him.”

I LOVE this this place. I moved from New Hampshire and forgot to Chang my bank. I am so thankful for the shared Credit Unions. I have tried at least 5 since I have been back home in Tennessee. But only one since I found you guys. I will never go anywhere else!! Thank You!!!


The folks are really nice, have always helped me and have good customer service. I have been to all three locations and always had great service.

Rita Scarberry 

Every step of every way, they are helpful and supportive.

Camille Elvord 

Friendly staff

Katonyia Fernandez

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