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Sync Your E-Statements to Your Quicken Account!

Learn How Quicken Connects to Enbright’s E-Statements! As one of the leading personal finance management tool, Quicken seemlesssly can sync with your E-Statements so you can manage all your finances in one place. 

How to add my Enbright E-Statement to Quicken Account

Start by ensuring your enrolled into our online portal and have access to Enbright’s Virtual Banking Branch.

1. Subscribe to receive e-statement instead of mailed statements.


By syncing your E-Statements to your Quicken Account, manage your savings and investments. Track your investments and see your savings grow.

Quicken for Windows, Mac, Iphone, Ipad & Android!

Enbright and Quicken allow you to take control of your finances with the world’s leading personal finance software. Not only are your finances and data safe and secure, the software is compatible with your desktop or mobile device. 

See all your finances, plan your savings, pay bills, and manage your spending all from one place. 


Resources & Articles For Managing Your  Finances On Your Own

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51% say an emergency fund…

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