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Cash For The Things You Need

We all need a little help sometimes, to match expenses to income and spread things out.

Signature / Personal Loans

APR* as low as 10.99% up to 60 months

Some loans can be made without collateral other than the member’s signature. There is no minimum amount, and the maximum loan is $12,500.

These smaller loans are great for financing appliances, computers, and smaller lawn equipment. Enbright also makes loans for holiday expenses, emergencies, and more. Need something and not sure if we make a loan for it? We probably do!

Signature / Personal Loan Calculator

Loan Amount:




Auto Financing

New Auto APR* as low as
5.99% for 36 months or less

Used Auto APR* as low as 
Model Years 2020 – 2022
6.99% for 36 months or less

Enbright offers loans for new and pre-owned cars and trucks for personal use. Loan rates depend on the member’s Equifax credit score. We finance up to 100% of the sticker price if the vehicle is new, or up to 100% of NADA “clean retail” on used vehicles. Terms up to 84 months are available. We also make loans for boats, recreational vehicles, large lawn equipment, trailers, ATVs and motorcycles.

You can protect your vehicle purchase by insurance for mechanical breakdown, gap insurance against depreciation loss, and credit life/disability insurance to make your payment. Ask for details at any Enbright branch.

New & Pre-Owned Loan Rates

Updated February 26, 2021

Auto Loan Rates

Used Auto
Model Years 2018 – 2020 APR*
as low as
1.99% for 36 months or less
2.25% up to 48 months
2.45% up to 60 months
2.75% up to 72 months
3.99% for 84 months
Model Years 2014 – 2017 APR*
as low as
1.99% for 36 months or less
2.25% up to 48 months
2.99% up to 60 months
3.25% up to 72 months
4.25% up to 84 months
Model Years 2011 – 2013 APR*
as low as
2.99% for 36 months or less
3.75% up to 48 months
4.25% up to 60 months
4.99% up to 72 months

New Auto  APR*
as low as
1.99% for 36 months or less
1.99% up to 48 months
1.99% up to 60 months
2.50% up to 72 months
3.75% up to 84 months
Term for new and used autos varies by amount financed.

Loan Rates - Other Vehicles

Other Vehicles

APR* as low as
6.49% for up to 48 months
7.49% for over 48 months

New RV/Trailer
APR* as low as
4.50% up to 48 months
4.75% up to 60 months
6.25% up to 72 months
6.50% up to 84 months

Used RV/Trailer
APR* as low as
4.75% up to 48 months
4.99% up to 60 months
6.99% up to 72 months
7.49% up to 84 months

Signature / Personal Loan Calculator

Loan Amount:




Enbright Visa Credit Cards

APR* as low as 10.99% up to 60 months

Enbright offers Visa Classic, Visa Gold and Visa Platinum Rewards credit cards. An Enbright Visa offers you the kind of great rates you expect from your credit union, without the hidden fees some other card companies charge. Our rates are fixed, and there is no annual fee.

The Visa Platinum Rewards card offers rewards points that accumulate based on card usage. You can redeem your points online and can choose from merchandise and travel options; register your Enbright card at

Visa Gift Cards

The gift that always fits, Visa gift cards are sold at all Enbright locations. They are accepted worldwide, anywhere that Visa is accepted. Purchase Visa Gift cards for as little as $10 or as much as $500. There is a $3.95 service charge for each card. Several styles are available, including a gift design, flower design and, seasonally, Christmas designs. 

Visa Travel Cards

A convenient alternative to travelers checks, the Visa travel card is accepted worldwide, anywhere that Visa is accepted. The card allows for both “credit” access for signature transactions and “debit” access for PIN transactions.  The cards require a minimum load of at least $100 and a maximum of $5,000; they can be reloaded and re-used. There is a service fee of $4.99 for each card at the time of purchase.

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