Bill Pay What’s New

On July 11, Enbright will be moving to a new enhanced Bill Pay service. Due to the conversion related to that move, Bill Pay will be down from 4pm on Tuesday, July 9 to the AM hours of Thursday, July 11.  If you have bills scheduled for payment during that time, they will continue to be paid as scheduled. You will not be able to schedule new bills during that time.


What’s New about Bill Pay.

Hang on to your money a bit longer. With our new bill pay, your account is debited when the merchant is paid, not days before.

Last minute? No Problem.  Now you can schedule payments for same day or next day transaction for an extra charge.  No charge for payment dates beyond tomorrow. You choose the date you want the merchant to receive the money.

Easy to Find. Bill Pay has its own tab in your Virtual Branch/Mobile Banking.

Get Your Bills Electronically.  Many merchants will deliver e-bills directly to you through your Bill Pay.  You can check your merchants to see who participates.


What’s the Same.

If you’re already a bill pay user, your bill payment merchants and recurring payments will all be in the new system already.  You can begin scheduling new payments right away on the 11th.

Pay at least 6 bills monthly and your bill payment service is free.

Bill Pay is available from a desktop or mobile device.

Set up recurring payments when your billing amount is the same each month.