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6 Banking Activities for Kids: Making Financial Literacy Fun

6 Banking Activities for Kids: Making Financial Literacy Fun

A boy examines stacks of coins

From games to $mart Quests to printables, we are constantly creating Money Mammal-themed banking activities for kids.  These entertain and engage children early (elementary school or before) with topics aimed to provide financial education for kids. I think we’re long past the idea that kids are going to read long lines of text on a screen about a topic that can be pretty darn dull without a singing monkey, of course.

So whether your kids are already Money Mammals or you’re a teacher or other professional looking for a program with banking activities for kids (or even apps for kids) that can make an impact in your community, we have something for you. A word of caution, though. Some of this stuff can be pretty addicting. Watch some clips of The Money Mammals on our site to see what I mean.

Here are a few simple ideas:

For Parents:

Cash Transactions

When you go to the store next time, pay for your transaction in cash, and have your child collect the change. This is obviously for the younger kids, but it will help start a discussion about money and how it works. Let them keep the coins too. It’s important for them to see some physical cash exchanged since the use of an ATM card might seem like magic to them.

Start a Conversation

When you’re at the store, discuss the rationale behind each purchase, including whether it’s something the family needs or wants, the level of nutrition (Not everything has to be good for you; hello, ice cream!) and perhaps even the difference in cost between what you’re purchasing and a brand-name or generic item.

Family Goal Jar

At home, start a family goal jar to save for something you all might want. This could be money for an upcoming vacation, an electronic item or whatever the family might want but can do without right now. This will help kids start to learn about goals, delayed gratification and teamwork.

For Teachers:

Needs vs. Wants activity

Hand out two pieces of paper per child: one for a want and one for a need. Instruct the kids to draw a picture of a need and a picture of a want on each of the pieces of paper. Then invite them to bring up one or both of the items and explain why they drew what they did. It’s a good idea to introduce this lesson with a discussion about the key needs (things we all HAVE to have, such as clothing, food and shelter) as well as wants (things that we LIKE to have). The latter is pretty easy; just ask them if there’s anything they ever want when they go to the store. Hands will shoot up! When you go through the activity, you’ll likely encounter “conditional” needs, ones that are dependent on situation. As long as their logic is sound (e.g. You need a basketball to play hoops.), then let them go have some fun learning.

Setting goals

This one is easy and powerful and might even be better done at home. Have them set a saving goal, and make sure that it’s SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time based). Find some jars, have kids bring them in and have them paste their goals right on the jars. Tell them to put them somewhere they will see as often as possible. They may not fully understand the term, but tell them that they’re learning to “visualize” by doing this. You can even expand this conversation beyond money; setting goals is a powerful life skill.

Sharing money

Tell the kids a story about how you’ve helped in the community and/or donated to organizations that you think do good work. Lead a discussion about ways they can help out in the community. Hand out paper to each of them to write down or draw ways that they can see themselves helping or giving back.

Financial literacy is for every child, and most of the above examples are abridged versions of lessons you will find in our Money Mammals Teaching Kit. Another great resource for slightly more detailed but still simple activities for parents is available on the Thrive by Five site by CUNA. Don’t forget that as you provide financial education for kids, you should give them some autonomy to really learn those money-smart lessons.

Good luck with your lessons!


SOURCE: https://themoneymammals.com/6-banking-activities-for-kids-making-financial-literacy-fun/ 

Rocking around the Christmas Tree! Hendersonville HolidayFest Christmas Parade

Enbright Credit Union attends the much-anticipated Hendersonville’s 52nd Annual City of Hendersonville Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting Festival

On Sunday, December 5th, Enbright Credit Union and our “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” themed float, joined 75+ Christmas Parade Floats to celebrate the Christmas season. The “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” theme was inspired by Brenda Lee, the only female artist to ever be inducted into both the Rock and Roll and Country Music Hall of Fame.

The Christmas Parade kicked off down Main Street in Hendersonville, TN at promptly 1:00 p.m. and as the floats passed by official judges voted on: Best Float, Best Performance, Best Overall Entry. Enbright Credit Union followed the parade theme with its own “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ Float that held our festive holiday float volunteers. Enbright Credit Union’s custom float featured red, green, and gold décor, Christmas banners along all sides and colorful wreath in celebration of the Christmas holiday. Despite the past few challenging years, the Hendersonville’s 52nd Annual City of Hendersonville Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting Festival had a great attendance that we hope will only grow next year. Following the busy parade, the festival continued with the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony that featured Santa photos, live music, and fireworks. Merry Christmas!

Enbright Credit Union participates in 14th Annual Toy Field

Enbright Credit Union participates in the 14th Annual Toy Field

Enbright Credit Union has been busy this holiday season! With donations from Enbright’s members and auto dealer partners, Enbright Credit Union purchased boys’ and girls’ bikes, toys, and games for local children and senior citizens to open on Christmas morning! Starting as early as October, Enbright Credit Union promotes the Annual Toy Field that directly benefits the Salvation Army Nashville Area.

Hosted at Nissan Stadium, both businesses and individuals alike generously donated 1,000’s of toys, bikes, and games to the registered “angels” within Nashville and surrounding areas. With a goal to “Fill the Boat”, Salvation Army had a large speed boat in front of Nissan Stadium. This year, Enbright raised over $2,000 to purchase gifts for children and seniors, in hopes to meet that goal.

Enbright Credit Union, CEO, Ron Smith met with Jason ‘J-Mart’ Martin, and Ramon Foster on 104-5. The Zone to discuss Enbright Credit Union’s role and how important it is to give back to the local community. Enbright Credit Union has participated in the Salvation Army’s Annual Toy Field benefitting the Forgotten Angel Program for several years. J-Mart asked what keeps bringing Enbright back every year, Ron Smith replied “Credit Unions, that’s what we do, we give back to our community.”

When asked what his favorite must-have Christmas toy is, it is no surprise to those who know him, Ron replied: “A stick horse. I’ve always had a horse and wasn’t until my 30’s that I got a horse. Now I have 4 of them!”  

All the toys will be sent to The Salvation Army’s Christmas Joy Shop where registered families will visit later this month to pick out gifts for their kids. The Salvation Army will reach over 8,500 angels this season. Enbright Credit Union can only imagine the children’s happy glow on Christmas morning. Enbright Credit Union looks forward to participating again next year.

Merry Christmas!

To our generous contributors to Enbright’s Toy Field Fund supporting Salvation Army’s Forgotten Angels Program.


Thank you to our generous contributors to Enbright’s Toy Field Fund benefitting Salvation Army’s Forgotten Angels Program. We could not do it without your annual support to this important worthwhile community outreach event. 

We know you’ve brought a smile and cheer to local children and senior citizens in need this year. Thank you for your ongoing support and generosity! 

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