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Enbright Checking

The Convenience You Need!

All checking accounts at Enbright Credit Union offer members

these convenient ways to manage their accounts.



Free Checking Account

A basic checking account with

  • No monthly services charges,
  • No minimum balance,
  • Unlimited check writing, 
  • Access to online services
  • Access to mobile banking.

Members receive a set of personalized temporary checks when the account is opened, and additional checks can be purchased from Enbright.

Free checks are available to members age 55 or over. 

Interest Rewards Checking Account

For those who want added convenience and money saving options, Interest Rewards Checking offers a higher dividend on checking funds when several criteria are met.

To qualify for the higher dividend and to avoid a monthly service charge, Interest Reward Checking account holders need to have at least one Direct Deposit per month, at least 10 signature (non-PIN) debit card transactions, and electronic statements.

All of the same benefits available with Free Checking are also available with Interest Rewards Checking.

Student Checking Account

Available for members age 15 to 24, this account has no monthly services charge, no minimum balance, unlimited check writing, and access to online services such as online banking, mobile banking and mobile deposit.

Members receive a set of personalized temporary checks when the account is opened, and additional checks can be purchased from Enbright.

Members using this account can use any ATM and get up to $10 of surcharges refunded at the end of each month.

Online Branch

24/7 access to manage your accounts from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Make transfers, set up recurring transactions, pay bills, and more.

Electronic Statements

Eliminate paper clutter and have your statements stored safely at Enbright. Should you need a copy of a statement, you can access your statements online in Online Banking.

Mobile Banking Available

Access to your accounts in the palm of your hand, with the free Enbright Mobile App. To get the app, look up Enbright in Google Play or, for iPhone, the app store.

Ask A Teller

Just pick up the phone to access your account information at Enbright Credit Union. Check balances, make transfers, and more. Call the Teller Line at 1-800-724-7574. Passcode required.

Overdraft Protection

Your Enbright savings account works as free overdraft protection for your checking, transferring the funds automatically to cover your checks and debits as long as funds are available in savings.

Mobile Apps

Enbright’s mobile app connects you to all things Enbright. This free app is available in your app store and works with Apple and Android platforms and all tablet platforms. Learn More.

Other Services

Person-to-person transfers. Split the check for dinner, repay the money you borrowed from mom, send some cash for a birthday present, do all this and more with PopMoney. Access it in Online Branch.

Courtesy Pay
Avoid returned checks and overdraft charges with this handy service. When funds aren’t sufficient to pay a check, we can cover it for you for a small fee. Ask about Courtesy Pay at any Enbright branch. 

A Word From Our Members

“The young lady you have up front is always so nice and helpful to me.  You all are going to keep her around for a while, right?  She is always so helpful.”

“…I like when he helps me. He is always so polite and helpful when I come through the drive thru. I really like him.”

I LOVE this this place. I moved from New Hampshire and forgot to Chang my bank. I am so thankful for the shared Credit Unions. I have tried at least 5 since I have been back home in Tennessee. But only one since I found you guys. I will never go anywhere else!! Thank You!!!


The folks are really nice, have always helped me and have good customer service. I have been to all three locations and always had great service.

Rita Scarberry 

Every step of every way, they are helpful and supportive.

Camille Elvord 

Friendly staff

Katonyia Fernandez

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