PopMoney TransfersMaybe you stopped at a garage sale on a whim, found the coolest thing you’ve ever seen, but you have no cash with you. Or, the guys decided to order pizza while watching the game and, you guessed it, there’s no cash in your wallet. Maybe you want to send someone a treat or repay them for some cash they lent you. Send money in seconds, securely, with PopMoney.

How PopMoney Works
If you use Virtual Branch with your Enbright checking account, all you need is the email address or mobile number of the recipient. Log in to Virtual Branch on your computer, or use the Enbright mobile app. Enter the amount to send, and POP! the money from your account directly to theirs. It’s that simple. There is a small fee, sometimes as little 50 cents per transaction. And the recipient will receive a message that the money has been transferred.

PopMoney Also Works in Reverse
You can also request money with PopMoney, and the sender doesn’t even have to have a PopMoney account.

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